Monday, September 10, 2007

Sexual Market Value 101

That could be the second name of Dumplings, a Korean thriller/horror movie. The main character is a formerly beautiful woman who has attracted a rich man to his side. Her decreasing looks cause a temptation for him to trade up...

The best thing about the film is that it is free from hypocritical feminist undertones. Both men and women are equally capable of evil, and both view the sexual market as a game with losers and winners.

FTO 3/3: If You Already Are Rich, FTO Is The Key To Stay Rich

The title sums it all. I intended to tell about a super-rich relative of mine (which I've met once) and quoting Millionaire's Daughter, but that wouldn't add anything relevant.

Here are some mottos with the same message.

Those with affluence and FTO can afford their expensive cars and houses in the same sense as a middle-class person can afford a bathroom renovation.

Take a luxury good that creates most envy among the poor. The envious poor can't imagine how little it means for those with affluence and FTO.

If you fear that your clothes get stolen from the drying wire, despite the fact that it hasn't happened earlier in that neighbourhood, it means that you are wearing too expensive clothes.