Thursday, June 28, 2012

A funny ad

When you in US say "ignorance is bliss", we say "tieto lisää tuskaa" (knowledge adds to pain (Ecc. 1:18)) When the name of a big IT subcontractor, Tieto, surfaces during failed public-sector IT procurements, we say Tieto lisää tuskaa. There is also a metal music festival named Tuska. Tieto made a bold ad to turn this catchphrase from negative PR into positive.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Joined a gym

24 Seven Fitness

Spacious and has versatile set of basic equipment. Perfect for my needs (which are "one step above bomb shelter gym a few times a week.") Features:

  • Spacious room for weight training.
  • Weight training: Several benches and weight racks, weights, basic pulleys.
  • Aerobic traning: Machines in a room I didn't check.
  • Bodyweight training:Stall bars, dip bench, several pull-up handles, stomach & back training benches, stretching room with mats and skipping rope.
  • Entrance with cards any time, can train late or early.
  • along a route from home to work
  • 30 min distance from home
  • price is 20e / month

Good choice if you want to train with weights and visit city center.

Bad choise if you want to drive there by car, train on guided exercise lessons or with exotic pulleys for all parts of body.