Monday, January 23, 2006

5 Strange Habits of a Highly Ineffective Person

1. Sometimes I walk to and fro on the floor as a form of procrastination. I've heard that Wittgenstein had the same habit. However, coding is different from philosophy and walking to and fro on the floor doesn't cause any progress good whatsoever.
2. Currently most of my social interaction happens in language courses. Why? No one could be less interested in my school affairs, and I'm really lousy at chit-chat.
3. When I make my own food, I choose from a set of 5 dishes. They are: oatmeal porridge, müsli, [fried potatos OR spaghetti] with fried [onions, sausage cubes and soya], and instant noodles. I don't intend to try new recipes before I graduate and leisure becomes truly leisure - now "leisure" is time, which I should use for something productive, but fail to.
4. I read foreign news with great interest, but find domeistic news uninteresting. Income distribution? Full of moralistic rhetoric and little substance. Education? Most decisions that matter are done locally. Healthcare? Being young, my generation hasn't really confronted the hospital. Taxation? What is it that you can't buy now but could by after 1% reduction in some tax, which may or may not take place next year? It is not that these questions don't matter - they do - but I fail to see any link between the headlines and anyone's daily life. After reading all these peak oil stories on how the presence or absence of energy affects our daily lives, the gas pipe explosion at Georgia feels much more relevant.
5. I don't listen much music nowadays.

It is difficult to find people, who have not been challenged to this meme yet, but I came up with two of them - Taneli Dobrowolski and Syksy Räsänen.

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