Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Shapeshifting Demon, Killing For Sport

Haven't watched a blink of Eurovision since I left home - until yesterday. That's how irrelevant it had become. It was about time for someone to jape the show.

I suppose that rock shows are all about theatre after a certain minumum level of musical skill has been achieved. At the same time another channel was playing a criminal comedy. It had a dance scene, where a housewife was preparing a romantic meal and dancing with apron in her front and knives in her hands. It was much more immersive than the Eurovision dance scenes. Helsingin Sanomien kuukausiliite had an article about the band, which said that the mastermind behind the band had also written storyboard comics for many Finnish movies.

My proposition for Finland's Eurovision 2007: Children of Bodom. With a stage show where they burn a miniature church made of paper, cut themselves with knives, and praise Satan. Teemu Mäki could also participate. No tits at Eurovision please - we can get better ones from other places (NSFW).

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