Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Statue Spotting 6: Mannerheim


Name: Mannerheimin patsas
Place: Mannerheiminkallio, Leinola (Mannerheim Cliff)

Mannerheim was desevedly voted as the greatest Finn ever, thanks to saving 5 million people from communism - twice. That kind of achievement is hard to beat.


Instead of being in a visible place, statue is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by somewhat messy suburban sprawl. There were 6 signs like this, and they were all needed to find to the statue.

They say that the city council didn't want to put the statue to a visible place, since it depicts Mannerheim in war garments. The opponents should learn more about Mannerheim, since he was more than a rugged general. Speaking fluently 5 languages, he also made a two-year expedition to China. The expedition started from the Central Asia, where the 'stans currently are, continued through the Xinjiang hinterlands of China all the way to Beijing. I'm not sure if any expeditioner in Finnish history has done better.

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