Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today, the first 10cm of snow fell from the sky. I had to be at test by 10.00, so I left home at 9.05 to make sure there was enough marginal for possible problems.

At the bus stop, there were 10 people waiting, which is about double the amount that is withing normal daily variation. Some of them had waited for 20 minutes. When I was waiting, a car stopped at the bus stop and offered ride for some people. Then this happened again. It seemed to be the main way to get forward.

Well, I though that the marginal just may not be enough, if the buses don't come, so I started walking to ensure that I made it in time, while there still enough of it. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to choose a marginally shorter route, where the snow had not yet been pushed away, so I had to walk a kilometer in snow. In the end I made it in time, but only with ~5 minute marginal.

Anyway, I don't understand people who take stress about weather and curse it, even if it barely affects them during their commutes. Since weather can't be changed, it's a bit like being disappointed that you only have two eyes, while it would be sooo nice to have a third eye in the backside of the head.

(People working at transportation and farming sector have good reasons to be stressed about weather, so they are exceptions.)


Tiedemies said...

Kielihuomio: margin = marginaali, marginal=marginaalinen. HTH.

Markku said...

Another kielihuomio:

on time = ajoissa ("Under the Great Leader, even the drains run on time.")

in time = ajan mittaan, ajallaan ("In time, young man, you will understand the power of the dark side of the Force")

Kari said...

- in time
1 : sufficiently early
3 : in correct tempo (learn to play in time)

Tiedemies said...

"In time" käytetään merkityksessä "Just in time for dinner". "I made it in time" on mielestäni tässä kutakuinkin oikein.

Anteeksi, kielestä valittaminen on pelkkää kiusaamista.