Friday, April 18, 2008

Drunk: The Essence Of Social Life

Lately, I've noticed the importance of social skills. They didn't matter a year ago, when I was just expected to do what I've told and to apply a little proactive attitude in it. But then I had a worldview-changing experience: Having a little responsibility about other people. That made many things click, especially the motto "Judge talent by its best, character by its worst." Social skills still don't matter in the leisure, since social skills don't produce much fun in the leisure, and the marginal benefit of being more skilled is very small.

The two things I realized were:

  • Social skills matter, since there is a process which tends to put me to a position where I run into trouble if I don't have enough social skills. The process has repeated thus far two times. There are valid reasons to believe both that it will repeat itself and that it won't repeat itself a third time .

  • Having your shit together goes a long way. Even without social skills, you may become a one-eyed king in the land of the blind.

So, here are a few posts about getting a rich social life.

Mostly, we thing you're boring.

Loud for sure. Less reckless than you might think.

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