Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fireman spins

Went to my first pole dancing class. There the sharp-witted Iina taught various spins, including the fireman spin. At home I had only tried climbing and static holds, so spinning was new to me.

The poles in the studio are static chrome poles. I have a titanium pole, which has both static and rotating mode. The friction is different in different poles. Chrome has linear friction: the harder you grip the better your hold. This makes spinning quite easy from the very first try. On the contrary, the friction in titanium is binary - either the grip holds or you slide quickly to the ground. I just can't do any spins on static titanium pole at home. Luckily rotating titanium pole is the easiest option of all.


Markku said...

Pole dancing is what strippers do to sexually excite men. I don't care how good a mode of excercise pole dancing is. I would never attend a pole dancing course myself. Similarly, I would not take up belly dancing. I would rather find another way to excercise the abs.

Simo said...

Funny that you mention bellydancing, as I bought a bellydancing exercise CD from India and went through the motions a few times before giving it as a gift.

There are probably many girls who think "I would never attend a go club, since it is a place where nerdy beta and omega males have bad influence on each other instead of getting a life."

I've practised for several years now with parapara dance videos, so this is not as big jump for me as it would be for you.

Markku said...

Well I suppose you can pole dance in a way not femininely sexual. There isn't anything inherently feminine to pole dancing. It just that it is very strongly associated with female strippers.

Simo said...

The reputation is vastly overblown, but has a seed of truth, but that's a topic for another post.

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