Monday, December 20, 2010

Follow-up on the goals for 2010

Summary: What's the point of setting goals, if you don't track them?

  • Cleaning up this blog. Completed except for a few removed posts and the status signaling post, which I didn't know to be provocative. The burst of negative feedback in the summer was probably just a sign that the posts were relevant. Status and sexuality are still a bit mysterious, so unavoidably some posts miss the mark. The best option is to write so clearly written and understand the subject so well understood that everyone agrees with the posts. However, if some rabid psychobitch chooses to keep on insisting that I'm too young to walk 10 km without being accompanied by my mother, no amount of rational explanations can possibly ever resolve that, and that's why the comments are nowadays moderated.

  • Year of bodyweight training. Completed. Got that push-up from headstand to handstand in October. Not planning to continue bodyweight training, it neglects feet and gets monotonous.

  • Get Chinese to completion where active study can be replaced by reading news and blogs in relaxed way. Completed for newspaper text only. Also, Chinese Language Group revealed that writing and speaking skills need a lot of work. However, there won't be Chinese goals for 2011. I'll integrate writing practise to other activities, like writing journal partly in Chinese.

  • More active social life. Completed. Been participating in events of The Club, pole dancing events and in organizing Go Congress in the summer.

Last year I wrote that physical instincts give valid raw data, but social insticts give only bad advice. This has changed. Now also social instincts give correct raw data, and the bottleneck is acting on those instinctual situational assessments.

In Pole Debut 2010, I had a 15-minute chat about pole dancing with a previously unknown girl. Overcoming bitch shields used to be impossible for me, but now it happens once every 3 months when strong context is available. Further progress will hopefully enable that more reliably with less context (for example in concerts). That is still a far cry from Roissy's or Finndistan's level, where they can talk with pretty much any girl without any context in nightclubs. However, even modest progress shows that the approach works and the direction is right and that there is no reason for despair despite me being 10 years behind my peers in social skills. Advanced methods like negs are still far, but the few written negs I've tried have produced good results. The option of just magically getting great social skills overnight is not on the table. Gradual progress is, and it is happening.

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