Sunday, February 05, 2012


Seen 3 movies recently.

The romantic fantasy drama The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn was fun to watch as a reflection of teenage girls' fantasies about ideal mate. Curiously, it had one ideal male figure (Edward) for girls on pill, with soft demeanour and a sensitive interaction style. It also had a strong hothead (Jacob) to appeal to girls not on the pill and are on their period. I was also surprised by the obsession to make Edward tick all high status marker boxes.

Although it was not realistic, it was the only movie which dealt with serious topics (mate choice, sex, pregrancy a la Rosemary's Baby) and where human beings behaved according to human psychology. (The main reason I don't really like movies is that many make my "people just don't behave that way!" warning lights flash red.)

Action flick Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows offered 2 hours of good entertainment, but I'm already forgetting the plot, which was too inconsistent to stay in memory. The central theme was 'steampunk Lord of the Rings', Sherlock was Gandalf, complete with a sneak into Mordor and meeting with Balrog.

Drama road movie This Must Be The Place told about a super wealthy former rock star. It had post-singularity feel, as most people in the movie had all their material meets met, and they mainly drifted in existential void, seeking ways to amuse themselves. Having no material competition left and not that much need for workplace style co-operation, they used disproportionate effort to control the frame of conversation and refuse to answer questions straight.

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