Friday, August 02, 2013

Freedom Lite

Today, I was fired from my job. The reason was the usual: The company could use my work input but couldn't afford to pay my salary.

Because of the Finnish system of income-based unemployment, in the end, nothing happened. I can still repay the monthly interest and mortgage repayment with the unemployment benefit. Since I don't have any expensive hobbies or a family to feed, the income is quite enough for all practical purposes.

If FREEDOM ORGINAL(tm) means financial independence or alternatively earning an income from your own business that is not dependent on any single customer, then what I have now is FREEDOM LITE(tm): indistinguishable from FREEDOM ORIGINAL(tm) in the short term, but in the long term I will have to earn my income somehow.

Until that, I'm FREE.

If I use the newfound FREEDOM responsibly, I just may find a way to earn an income without working for salary, although that's realistically speaking improbable, because I don't have a proven track record of earning income without working for salary. But a guy can always dream.

And make a concerted, planned effort to implement that dream.

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