Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hetero Pride!

To counter the gayification of popular culture and media, right-wing activists arranged a Hetero Pride parade in Helsinki 21.9.2013. At first I thought it was hilarious trolling, but media reaction proved that the parade was sorely needed.

  • Firstly, it proved that anti-gay forces really are repulsive. The core of the parade consisted of a neo-nazi group, which posed together in Sieg Heil greeting.
  • Secondly, it proved that homoization really has gone too far as the joint forces of police and protesters against the parade outnumbered parade participants.

The paraders claimed that it was about defending traditional family values. Now, I'm all for children being raised by two parents; loveless couples with children staying together using various mature, conflict-avoiding, distance and formality increasing social skills; and reminding that the children raised by single parents statistically face worse life outcomes; and step-fathers are ten times as likely to commit sexual abuse than biological fathers; and emphasizing that marriage is an institution which is primarily about raising children, so only female homosexuals with biological or adopted children should be allowed to marry.

However, the demands of the Hetero Pride parade, like not showing male kissing in prime time TV, had nothing to do with defense of family values.

A coworker of mine went to Berlin to a Jamaican fusion kitchen restaurant, and to his surprise saw homosexual paintings on the walls. That kind of gayification does not pose any problem whatsoever. In a free country, restaurant owners can decorate their place as they wish, and consenting adults can do in their private bedrooms what they want. Gayification is a problem if government uses MY TAX MONEY to advocate pro-gay or anti-gay agenda - by channeling tax money through art funds to fund pro-gay propaganda as in Espoo or in Helsinki at Helsinki Pride or by wasting tax money on frivilous lawsuits as in Russia. Instead, they should send the money back to taxpayers.

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