Thursday, September 14, 2006


Should write a private biography someday.

The autobiography would consist of two parts: Firstly, authetic documents (diary notes, emails, blog posts) from the time. These documents would not be inteded to be read completely, but you could dip into them to get a better idea of past way of thinking.

Secondly, it would describe and analyze past events and worldview in the wisdom of the hindsight.

This kind of biography would enable to learn from past mistakes and get more invaluable life experience out of the same period of time.

It would be a monument to stupidity, silliness and embarrassment: The authentic documents would serve this purpose in "show, don't tell" style, and the hindsight part would be a constant ridicule of past me.

That kind of document would be too embarrassing to show for anyone else, which also decreases the motivation to write one.

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