Friday, September 22, 2006

EU: A federation based on rule of law

poliisi EU2006-kokouksen edeesä

Lately, the city center of Tampere has been full of policemen because of the EU2006 summit. I don't know what they decide; hardly anything that has a visible effect on my life. Certainly they have power to change significant things, but it is pretty much rendered insignificant by disagreements between different factions and the behind-the-scenes nature of EU regulation for those who don't work at administration and don't run a company nor a farm.

Even with its mild excesses, a society based on rule of law is infinitely better than one based on rule of mob and corruption.

That's why asylum seekers are queueing at our gates. That's why immigrants risk drowning to get here, and that's why new countries are constantly willing to join EU.

(What this is all about is providing an alternative interpretation against the baseless association of EU with a police state.)

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