Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things I hate in bars

Last night was both unusual and usual. It is unusual for me to go to bars (go & pool with male friends don't count). When I do go it always reminds me why bars suck.
  1. Going there alone. Boring. Dancing makes it a little fun.
  2. Hangover. The next day is lost.
  3. Remembering all the little drunken mistakes.
  4. Watching how everyone else seems to know something about bar behaviour which I don't.
  5. No contact with the opposite sex (eye contact, for example). This is the advertized benefit of going to bars and bearing with the downsides, but in fact it never realizes.
  6. Vague feeling that clever advertizers are manipulating me out of my time and money and giving back nothing but frustration.
After staying away for a few months I forget these and conclude that it must be better to spend the evening in the middle of the middle of opportunities...which never realize.

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