Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review of 2011 and goals for 2012

Review of past year's goals

Lose weight to 55kg (BMI 20.7): Failed. The weight bottomed at 56kg. Then I moved to Helsinki, fattening to 60kg during the 2 months I travelled 5 hours a day, leaving little energy for exercise and gulping beer on evenings to wash out the "can you be so pissed off you die" feeling.

Main events:

  • Got fired.
  • Got a new job from Helsinki.
  • No longer working with a dying technology.
  • Bought an apartment.
  • Got cynical, noticing that the only effect from 4.5 years of work was the balance on my bank account.
  • Studied investing to find out how to increase the balance without working.
  • Made progress in pole dancing during the 3 non-work months.
  • Had fun during 3 summery non-work months, and unparalleled amount of social interaction by participating in The Club's event. No new social skills milestones reached, though.
  • Wrote a very early prototype of a teaching game for Chinese, and an unpromising business plan for productizing it.
  • Noticed that I'm too lazy punk to develop it while holding a job, abandoning it.

Overall, I'll remember 2011 as the year I studied investing, it is the only change which will still have effect in 2021. Nothing much lost or gained in other fronts.

Goals for the next year:
  • Diet to 55kg.
  • Re-establish social life in Helsinki.
  • Start a regular sports hobby to stay fit.

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