Saturday, January 07, 2012

Helsinki, a nest of vice

Today I met a streetwalker for the first time in Finland, when walking in Helsinki city center at 2 am. After identifying her from stockings and small pants despite -7 Celsius, I made eye contact. "Hello little one", she said with thick accent. I grumbled "hello." She continued "is the little one feeling cold?", at which point I was already past her. Motherly context may not be the most effective at rousing the flames of passion, but probably she knows something I don't about the kinds of persons who actually pay up.

Someday, I'll lose my virginity after paying for it. I won't report it here, because maintaining privacy requires reciprocal silence. It won't solve my social skills developmental task, but it is actionable and it is remotely possible that I'll learn something useful in the process.


Markku said...

There are blogs written by Finnish amateur prostitutes. They're easy to find if you do some googling. Interesting social pornography.

If you decide to go and see a pro the act will lose some of the air of mystery which is only a good thing. Be polite, clean and punctual. If possible, you might want to exhange a few emails where you discuss what you want. I'd steer clear of the Blacks and the Asians. Africa and Asia are hotbeds of HIV and other venereal diseases. Seeing a Finn is probably the best option.

Simo said...

That's what I thought.