Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New blog

This blog used to have 10 readers, 5 of which I could name. That changed after I read an introductory investment book and wrote a few posts about economy. People started to find this blog through relevant google search words. For the first time in 9-year history of this blog, readers liked to read about a topic which also allowed weekly posts. To see how deep the rabbit hole goes I've started a "respectable" new blog featuring only weekly posts about economy.

With prudent blogging done elsewhere, this blog will remain for "bored office drone me", dedicated to searching excitement and new experiences from sex, whores, satan worship and pole dancing. But since there's not much (paid or unpaid) sex in my life and I find the mere idea of impaling small animals for Satan disgusting and revolting, there won't be much to write about.

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