Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All films I've seen this year

Hollywood films:

Batman: The Dark Knigh Rises (1/5): Plot didn't make sense. Glorifies violence and cruelty.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2.5/5): Plot haphazard, but entertaining.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (3/5): An entertaining and illuminating peek inside teenage girls' fantasies and fears about love, marriage and pregnancy.

This Must Be The Place (3.5/5): A strange road movie with peculiar "everything-worth-doing-has-been-achieved" atmosphere.

Sinister (4.5/5): This horror movie had very simple plot hashed together from classic horror movies and books. It puts all shots to creating thick atmosphere, suspense and scares with extremely skillful visual tricks and music. In the end all loose ends are tied together. Don't watch the trailer, it spoils too much.

Film festival films:

Alois Nebel (4/5): A Czech animation about the fall of Berlin wall. Captures well the confusion and dislocation of people during a historical transition period.

Shopping Tour (3.5/5): A Russian zombie film. Events take place during a shopping tour to Finland. Starts as a drama about loss of father and single parenthood, then turns into zombie slapstick.

Crazy Horse (3/5): Didn't expect to see a softcore porn in the film festival, but that's what this film is. Couldn't watch to the end as two girls were sitting next to me.

Indie Game (score not relevant): A peek inside the world of very small game programming teams. Well-made document for those interested in the subject.

Film Of The Year award is divided between Alois Nebel (a film with strong real-world historical zeitgeist) and Sinister (a pure-bred genre film), because it's not meaningful to compare genre films to films about real-world phenomena.

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