Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 In Review

Past year's goals

  • Jogging every day in January: passed. I bought new jogging shoes. Since jogging in the past has caused knee & back problems, this time I went to a proper sports clothes shop and asked for the salesman to recommend shoes. They were more expesive than the supermarket shoes, but it was worth it. I did short jogs in 6 out of 7 of days in January and didn' have any health problems.
  • Writing something publishable every week: not passed as such. I didn't write any ad-funded site nor blog posts once a week. However, I did join the content marketing team in my workplace, when they searched for new authors to represent R&D. We had blogging training, and I wrote 3 marketing blog posts. This is my first contact to professional writing, with 10-page guidelines to comply with and several peer review rounds. One of my posts was even translated to Finnish. I've also written a private haircut diary almost daily. I wrote less than planned but wrote anyway.
  • Dieting to 55kg (New Year's goal for 2011): passed.


I've participated in capoeira classes weekly. In addition, I've resumed pole dancing hobby this year. I've gone to a class about once every 2 week for half a year now and made progress to Level 2, where Level 1 is introductory class to which anyone can attend and no background is needed. Level 2 requires a stable invert (where you are head down on the pole, supporting your weight by pressing your legs against the pole), which is a common starting position for other moves.


This year, I've translated small part of daily, private haircut diary to a foreign language on about 1/3 of days. This is my new paradigm for maintaining language skill. I've also reviewed some languages, which I learned a little but had forgotten because of unuse, to a level where I can maintain them with this new maintenance routine.

I participated in Russian course in the spring, and now in the autumn I've participated in some Russian World of Warcraft raids, a new milestone in practical fluency.

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