Sunday, April 16, 2006

About the next post

The next post is a Finnish desk drawer writing about getting old. The reason I didn't publish it 8 months ago is that it mentions my mother and her sister; and family is a topic that is mostly avoided in blogs. There are two central points.

Firstly, when people become old, they'd better to also become wise. If they don't, they are just losing things with age. Getting wise is not that difficult - moderate effort is enough, since you have tens of years time. It is also important to get enough social and storytelling skills to actually talk the experience at suitable spots. If you become wise, you can retain some kind of genuine contact with younger persons like me (but not all kinds of young persons - young persons have different values and interests). If the young person has become interested in some topic lately, the old person can leverage his long experience and try to find stories and anecdotes from his memory. This compensates for the differences in viewpoints and interests.

The second point is that education matters; this is justified by the vast personality difference between my mother and her sister.

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