Friday, May 28, 2010

Eurovision songs

Je Ne Sais Quoi by Hera Björk has very good opening, where intensity rises gradually during the first 60 seconds. The facial gestures and hand gestures are exactly right, expressing newfound joy and self-confidence after life takes a positive turn.

The music oscillates between serene synth parts and energetic beats, which combine at 00:38. Beats reach their maximum vital force at 00:50, after the dramatic revealation that the singer has found love.

After 1:00 the songs just stops and nothing happens anymore. But 60 seconds of excellence is exceptional for an Eurovision song.

Apricot Stone by Eva Rivas is the most balanced combination of music, vocals and message. The message is basically more feminine and greeny version of Satakunnan kansa. Maybe the other songs are devoid of message or maybe it's a matter of wavelength that I'm not getting any message from other songs.

Milim by Harel Skaat is the kind of music which I don't listen and don't really understand, but it sounds like the performer knows what he's doing.

Sweet People by Alyosha, the Portishead of Ukraine, wallows in emotions like no other.

Playing With Fire, a duetto by Paula Seling and Ovi, concentrates on stage peformance and looks like a scene out of some Bollywood movie.

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