Sunday, June 06, 2010

5 spheres of being human

People are similar in their vulgar tastes and different in their refined tastes. Below I list 5 things which are common to most people. The viewpoint here is how people can connect by talking, or alternatively to appeal to masses, despite knowing little about each other.
  • 1) Humans are physical beings. They eat food to get fuel and nutrients. They must exercise to stay healthy and fit.
  • 2) Humans are sexual beings. We are sons and daughters of people who fucked.
  • 3) People are social beings. Most of us can imagine ourselves to other people's shoes. Few prefer solitude to other people's company in the long run. We have instincts which analyze our status and role in the group.
  • 4) People are thinking beings who imagine, anticipate, analyze and read and write texts.
  • 5) People are mystical beings who have tendency to search answers to religious, spiritual and supernatural questions and experiences.

Unifying and separating spheres


In unifying areas of life, people undestand and believe what you say unless there is sepecific reason to doubt. For example if you say "I don't want to do it since it makes my back hurt" or "I'm horny" or "It would be so embarrassing", others believe unless they have specific reason to doubt you. For example, if a stripper wears a shirt saying "Mun tekee mieli", people know that she's doesn't mean it but manipulates you to separate you from your money. Social sphere is mixed, because it is common to question social evaluations ("There's nothing embarrassing in it").

When I say that thinking is a separating sphere, I mean that people doubt you if you say "believe me since I know this thing better than you do". Appeals to Thinking are credible only if the others agree already or the person has high social status, and even then they provoke resentment. Thinking filters people to narrow tranches which are on the same wavelength - for example most text-only blogs have few readers, and they appeal mainly to Thinking sphere.

By mystical exprience I mean a sense that some supernatural being is sending you a message or channeling itself through you. Believers do this when they aim to channel God by implementing His will on earth. You may interpret this metaphorically to mean a state of increased mental clarity or perception where your brains send positive feedback for getting into right condition. Outside religion, people have hard time even describing their mystical experiences, and those who can describe them have trouble interpreting what they mean.

Balance between spheres

Unfortunately blogs concentrate too much on Thinking and this may produce illusion that it is somehow more important than the other areas of life, more deserving of attention and analysis. During last years I have grown to hate this bias.

You are missing out much in life if you don't do any sports, if you don't have a sex life, if you don't have meaningful weekly social interaction, if you don't have any intellectual hobby or if you vehemently deny the possibility of mystical experiences. Two of these 'lacks' are pretty unavoidable: In the sexual sphere, not all men are needed, and nobody is interested in old women. In the mystical sphere, the experiences are rare.

There are lots of insults on people whose development is uneven in various spheres. "Meatheads" concentrate too much on physical. "Wankers" neglect sexual. "Wierdos" don't have their social instincts in place.


Markku said...

Tämä oli mielenkiintoista. Juttusi on esimerkki siitä, että lähestymällä asiaa jonkin systemaattisen kaavan mukaan (esim. nelikenttä) analyysista tulee kiinnostavampi. Tällainen lähestymistapa toimii tapauksissa, joissa tarkasteltavaa asiaa voidaan helposti lähestyä mielevaltaisen monella tavalla käsitteellisesti pilkkoen.

Enoug with meta-commentary:

You're exactly right when you say mystical experiences are the least intersubjective of all. Famously, one Ludwig from Austria said one shouldn't even attempt talking about them.

However, many people who've had them claim they have experienced some sort of "unity with everything". But once you try and go into specifics in matters mystical, all unanimity tends to fall apart quickly.

Simo said...

Wittgenstein has a point, I wouldn't want Matti Vanhanen to justify a policy decision by saying that "God told me so during a skiing trip".

Luckily, nowadays even deeply religious people merely pray God for support and thank Him afterwards for it.

This is good because now people who offer mystical solutions like angel threapy can be easily identified as charlatans.

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