Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The link between the signifier and signified arbitrary, a fact which is quoted in the beginning of many constructionist books. Alistair Cockburn puts it nicely in his text on Agile Software Development:

The little grimace
you made across the dinner table
speaks volumes to me
though it says nothing to the others around us.

You twisted your lips like that yesterday
to show how you felt about that fellow
who had behaved so awfully when
you were trying to be nice.

I quite agree.

Actually, he rather reminds me of the man on you left
I raise my eybrow a hair
and glance lightly in his direction.

From the stiffening of your top lip as you
continue to chew, it is clear you think so too.

Oh, oh. We've been spotted.
No matter.
Our conversation, altough discovered,
will have no meaning to anyone else.
And the poor man on your left will always suffer
from the label we gave him
in this short conversation.

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